01 January 2011

Opera Mini 5.1 beta 2 for symbian is now available

The post is about a month late but you can't miss out on a news from opera.Opera Mini doesn't suffer from memory full problem as Opera Mobile and so you can open more tabs and webpages loads faster and also data usage willl be less.

Here are the major changes since beta 1

  • Fixed several crashes while typing and selecting symbols.
  • Provided better integration with Symbian^3 virtual keyboard.
  • Fixed display problems on selected devices.
  • Some devices with rotation issues are now rotating properly again.
  • Added HTTP proxy support.
  • Chinese specific improvements: 
    • Chinese characters now look great in the UI and web pages.
    • Third-party IME support has been added (QQ, Sougou, Baidu).
  • Now available 39 languages! 

You can download the app from m.opera.com