12 December 2010

Which to buy Nokia budget smartphones 5230,5235,5233,5250 compared

Nokia corp has taken an approach to their smartphones to make the same software services available to its models in all budgets.This is done by keeping the basic hardware processor,ram same on all the phones and change their prices by addition or deduction of "addon hardware" like high res camera,gps,wifi etc.

This approach can be seen in the newer symbian models N8,C6,C7,E7.All the s60v5 devices were also like these.Nokia 5800,N97,5230,5233,5235,5250 all had ARM 11 434mhz processor and 128 ram but N97 belonged higher end,5800 medium and 5230 low end.So i wanted to explain the available options when buying an entry level Nokia smartphone.

Nokia 5230

Nokia 5230 is missing two prominent things one no ovi music unlimited and no wifi.There is no front facing camera and hence no video calling,a 2MP camera with no flash.All other features of 5800 are there.A good option to buy if you are looking for a cheap nokia smartphone.

Nokia 5233(5228)
Launched at the same time as Nokia 5230 but as a lower cost option.The lower cost came at the expense of no 3g and no GPS.All other features are there but no wifi,no 3g is a very big loss and hard to recommend buy this if you are looking for a cheap smartphone with 3.2" screen.

Nokia 5235

Keeping all the features of Nokia 5230 it comes with two new additions an ovi music unlimted and a chrome metallic finish.Ovi music unlimited means you have acess to over 2 million DRM free international and regional songs free to download.Best option to buy if you want a Nokia smartphone under $200.

Nokia 5250

Released mid 2010 is the cheapest option.The phone has a new design but like Nokia 5233 there is no 3g or GPS.To make it more cheaper the screen is only 2.8" and phone memory is only 50mb.The phone is only recommended if you want to get the cheapest Nokia smartphone in the market.