19 November 2010

News:Pixelpipe v1.02 available on Ovistore

The popular share to all service has been updated to v1.02 with a couple of cahanges and is available at ovistore for download.For anyone who doesn't know pixelpipe it is a small app which makes sharing content to twitter,facebook and whole list of services from your phone and one of the must try app if you are a social addict.
Here is the changelog

  • You can now select service(s) for upload from a GUI with the new ‘Destinations’ field in advance of upload
  • New enhanced UI for handsets with Qt installed
  • Ability to specify a reduction value for resolution of photos from 100-25% under Pixelpipe/Options/Settings/Image Resolution
  • Single service upload plug-ins for over 25 services. These plug-ins are currently in beta & simply allow you to select the service for upload by name from the Send menu.
Download the app from ovi store http://store.ovi.com/content/51490