16 November 2010

How To:Get Iphone mobile version of gmail on your symbian phone

The mobile version of gmail for iphone and android are very much touch optimised unlike the poor mobile version nokia symbian phone or pathetic java app.So here is a neat trick to get the iphone version on any nokia symbian phone s60v3,s60v5 or newer like n8.

The author of the blog i-symbian.com has released a widget which launches gmail iphone version which will be easier than typing the link  http://mail.google.com/mail/x/gdlakb-/gp/ or bookmarking it.
I have tried it on my nokia 5230 and works great go and try it out.The author adds that he used minimum coding for this.Why is it that google is turning a blind eye towards symbian time in time out even symbian is the single largest platform and acess to the web through mobile is stedily incresingly.
Go here to download and read the orginal blog post.