10 June 2011

Lyrics by musixmatch

Lyrics by musixmatch is a stunningly beautiful and useful app allowing you to find lyrics for your favourite song on your mobile.musixmatch is a European startup which Techcrunch calls "IMDB  for lyrics",a service which aims to be the go to place for getting song lyrics legally for commercial and personal purposes.

Developed in qt the developers has done a great job making it the most beautiful app i have seen for Symbian platform..The app has three tabs,Charts showing the most popular lyrics,my music for accessing lyrics for your music collection and search to find lyrics for your favourite song.The app took only seconds to load the lyrics even on my edge connection.
The animations are the best or the only one that i have seen with this much elegance and really show the power of qt to develop beautiful apps.When you play a song on the music player it will show the lyrics automatically.There is additional option to buy a song by going to Ovi Music too.
You can download the app for free from ovi store and the only feature i would request for the next version would be kinetic scrolling when browsing through the lyrics.