30 December 2010

Top 10 Freeware Apps downloaded from Ovistore

When i bought my Nokia 5230 back in april the ovistore was just filled with themes and wallpapers and apps and games where few in number.The scene has changed and writing this post at the end of year i believe that ovistore is on a strong path but i feel that nokia should release the strength of apps in ovistore and not the daily number of downloads.
I would like to focus on the top 10 freeware downloaded from ovistore.

   1.Opera Mobile
The best browser available for symbian smartphones what more to tell.

   2.eBuddy Mobile Messenger
Multiplatform chat client supporting facebook,yahoo and more.

Low cost calls and free skype to skype calls on the offical skype app.

All in one social app and more with great looks.

A strong alternative to skype with low cost international calls and free fring to fring video call support.

Listen to music either on your phone or stram from shoutcast radio stations with lyrics.

   7.Sports Tracker
Keep your body fit with best fitness tracking app.

Best music remix app.

All in one app for all your social needs with support for facebook,twitter,LinkedIn and foursquare.

Free full featured twitter client.